KATADATA is an online media and research company covering the rapidly changing world of business and economics. Established on 1 April 2012 in Jakarta, the company provides news, information, data, and research reports in an in-depth, straightforward, attractive and intelligible manner to serve Indonesia’s business leaders and policy makers.

In other words, we seek to simplify complex matters without losing its essence. “Simplicity is the Highest Level of Sophistication”, so said Leonardo da Vinci, which has become our motto. Katadata team consists of experienced journalists and researchers in the energy, finance, macroeconomics, trade and infrastructure sectors.



Katadata.co.id focuses on providing exclusive and selected news in an analytical and in-depth manner complemented by enchanted infographics and photos, as well as opinion piece and interview with policy makers and business leaders.


We deliver important news update and inside information on a regular basis (daily newsletter and weekly report) to our subscribers especially business leaders and policy makers that cater to their busy schedules. Our other product, a biweekly Policy & Regulatory Review, monitors and analyses new government policies and regulations. Additionally, Katadata also partners with various parties to conduct customized research.


In order to deliver information in a whole and complete manner, we also publish books and directories on economics and business topics. Our books are based on an in-depth study, written in a popular style, and complemented by enchanting infographics and photos to attract wider audience.

Communication for Research

Many important and quality studies often left unpublished and cannot be consumed by the public due to its complexity. To that end, Katadata offers a service to transform complex publication and research material by research institutes or companies into a writing piece and visual display (infographics, motion-graphics, video) that is attractive and easy to understand.



  • Executive Director:
    • Metta Dharmasaputra
  • Managing Director:
    • Ade Wahyudi
  • Managing Editor:
    • Yura Syahrul
  • Vice Managing Editor:
    • Muchamad Nafi
  • Editor:
    • Maria Yuniar Ardhiati
    • Safrezi Fitra
    • Arnold DM Sirait
  • Reporter:
    • Desy Setyowati
    • Ameidyo D. Nasution
    • Miftah Ardhian
    • Anggita Rezki Amelia
  • English Writer:
    • Edwin Solahuddin


  • Research & Data Director:
    • Heri Susanto
  • Head of Research & Data:
    • Adek Media Roza
  • Researcher and Senior Data Analyst:
    • Padjar Iswara
  • Data Manager:
    • Agus Dwi Darmawan
  • Vice Data Manager:
    • Viva Budi Kusnandar
  • Research Manager:
    • Aria Wiratma
  • Researcher:
    • Muhammad Kahfi
    • Adipurno Widi Putranto
    • Nur Farida Ahniar
    • Anshar Dwi Wibowo
  • Data Analyst:
    • Widyanita
    • Jeany Hartriani


  • Design
    • Robby (Editor)
    • Ade Rahmat Hidayat
    • Dani Nurbiantoro
  • Photo:
    • Donang Wahyu (Editor)
    • Arief Kamaludin