According to, Indonesian airlines dominated the 10 worst positions in the world.

KATADATA - The review of regarding the security levels of airlines from all over the world has placed nine Indonesian airlines as the worst of the world for 2015. The result of the survey became the benchmark information of international as well as local media news report, which only do more harm than good for the national airlines. 

The Transportation Ministry, along with the worst airlines, questioned the methodology and criteria that Airlineratings used. “There must be transparent criteria and methodology that can be accounted for,” said Arif Wibowo, Chairman of the Indonesian National Air Carriers Association (INACA). The President and CEO of Citilink, Albert Burhan, said that reviews towards airlines are completely normal, but it has to be done objectively and transparently. 

The result of the survey is also very different with the version of World Airline Award 2015, which was announced by SKYTRAX – the consultant of British airlines – last mid-year. The survey only placed Lion Air as the ninth worst airline service in the world. The annual survey was conducted for all the customers of airline services from the whole world, with criteria assessment as follows: the airport quality, the products used within the planes, and the quality of the stewards’ services. 

Aliefaini Pryanisa