The funding for the high-speed rail project will not be taken from the State Budget, but from the Chinese government and four consortiums of Indonesian firms.

KATADATA - Indonesia is the first country in Southeast Asia that will have bullet train. The high-speed train, running at 250 kilometer per hour, will connect Jakarta and Bandung in West Java. The government will not be using the State Budget to fund the project, since the Chinese government and four consortiums of state-owned firms will be the ones financially responsible for it.

Indonesian President, Joko (Jokowi) Widodo, is optimistic with this fast train development, which requires US$ 5.573 billion, or IDR 77 trillion, because he believes that the surrounding areas where the bullet trains pass through will grow significantly. There are four high-speed train stations, and they are in Halim, Karawang, Walini, and Tegal Luar (Bandung). These four stations will be the centers of new economic growth that will provide many job opportunities and trigger further development.

But, the high-speed rail project is not running as smooth as predicted. A number of critiques towards this project arise. People are saying that the amount of access from Jakarta to Bandung, and vice versa, is already enough, and that it is better for the development to be taken elsewhere. It is also considered that this project has not developed adequate environmental feasibility study, which can make it dangerous and triggers suspicions about the reason behind this ambitious plan. 

Widyanita, Ameidyo Daud