Donang Wahyu|KATADATA
Indonesia should not to rely on infrastructure sector alone. The government needs to diversify its economic powerhouse by driving growth in the fishery, tourism and manufacturing sectors.
Many developed countries have introduced sub zero interest rates because they are having such a hard time recharging economic growth. Indonesia is different.
Currently, the greatest risk lies with the emerging market and developing countries, which really need to be careful and create policies to invent new sources of economic growth.
A big loss in exploration activities in oil and gas sector is part of the game if the investors are interested to invest in that particular sector in Indonesia. ?Investors need to have a long breath.?
Auditor does not specifically mention it; whether the external party"s involvement is oil and gas mafia or not. Besides, there is no evidence of such involvement in the old governance of the firm.
Pertamina has different opinion than Finance Ministry. Pertamina will be assigned as the buyer of oil refinery production, or also known as the offtaker.
It is not economically efficient, and the PSC contract signing is still delayed, waiting for the decision regarding the region that is prone to fluctuations.

?We give space for diversity, but when it has become a Presidential Regulation, Presidential Instruction, or Presidential Decree, then all is asked to agree with it and do it.?
The international media mentioned Jokowi"s decision as the "President Obama"s victory in partnering with an important ally in the Pacific area to balance the economic competition with China".
The steep appreciation of rupiah this week is also because of the BI"s steps to correct the policies and strategies in the financial market.
Bank Indonesia will make sure the stability of the financial system before changing their monetary policy. Right now, the greatest challenge of BI is the level of deficit in the current account.
The purchase of B and NSO Blocks has the potential to arise a law violation. ExxonMobil still have debts in the form of excess recovery cost worth IDR 1.1 trillion.
Cepus peak of production initially was about to be there until 3 to 5 years but now it will be shortened to only be until 15 to 2 years