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Telaah - Freeport

New Round of Certainty for Freeport Smelter Construction

There is still no certainty about the location of Freeport Indonesia’s smelter and funding sources for its construction.

By Safrezi Fitra, 8/2/2019, 13.13 WIB

Telaah - Utang

Measuring the Danger of Indonesia’s Debt

Foreign investors mostly own the government bonds, making Indonesia’s economy prone to external turmoil.

By Safrezi Fitra, 1/2/2019, 17.27 WIB

Telaah - The Economist

Govt Response to The Economist’s Criticism on Economy under Jokowi

The Economist said Jokowi is unable to realise his economic promises due to populist policies.

By Safrezi Fitra, 30/1/2019, 14.51 WIB

Ilustrasi Telaah - Perang dagang AS-Tiongkok

Economic Slump in China Threatens Indonesian Exports

The weakening of the Chinese economy is estimated to lower the price of Indonesia’s main export commodities.

By Yuliawati, 29/1/2019, 15.55 WIB

Telaah - Jagung

Behind the Anomaly of Corn Export Plan when Imports Still Running

The Agriculture Ministry plans to export corn even though it has just requested additional imports for this commodity.

By Safrezi Fitra, 27/1/2019, 00.20 WIB


Tug of War in Releasing Abu Bakar Ba’asyir

Former chairman of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD said Ba’asyir is currently unable to get parole or be acquitted.

By Safrezi Fitra, 24/1/2019, 16.39 WIB

Pekerja Pabrik

Steel Imports Continue to Increase Trade Balance Deficit

The addition of steel supplies from domestic plants has not succeeded in pursuing national needs.

By Yuliawati, 23/1/2019, 18.00 WIB

Telaah - Tarif Penerbangan

Expensive Flight Tickets: Cartel Practice or Airline Rescue Effort

“We can enjoy today if the fares are not adjusted, but later we will also know how many airlines will go bankrupt,” Jusuf Kalla said.

By Safrezi Fitra, 22/1/2019, 14.54 WIB

Ilustrasi debat politik antara dua kubu yang berbeda.

Jokowi and Prabowo Fight to Lure Swing Voters in Election Debate

False news attacks become a challenge for Jokowi to attract support from swing voters.

By Yuliawati, 19/1/2019, 17.27 WIB

Telaah - Gula

Indonesia Becomes World’s Largest Sugar Importer Ahead of Election

Citing BPS data, Faisal said sugar imports have skyrocketed since 2016, when Enggartiasto Lukita served as Minister of Trade.

By Safrezi Fitra, 15/1/2019, 20.00 WIB

Telaah - Asuransi Kesehatan

Improvement of BPJS Kesehatan Services Creates Uproar

Termination of 92 hospital contracts can have an impact on more than 1 million BPJS Kesehatan participants.

By Safrezi Fitra, 14/1/2019, 14.52 WIB

Telaah - Debat Pilpres

Controversy of Election Debate Questionnaire

KPU’s decision to cancel the vision and mission presentation and share the election debate questionnaire was based on requests from TKN and BPN.

By Safrezi Fitra, 9/1/2019, 15.15 WIB

Telaah - Bisnis Fintech

Fintech Lending in Indonesia Remains Attractive for Investors stated funding to fintech rose to US$ 182.3 million in 2018. About 57 percent of them were fintech lending firms.

By Desy Setyowati, 7/1/2019, 19.19 WIB

Telaah - Pilpres 2019

Half-Hearted Support from Coalition Parties to Presidential Candidates

Gerindra became the only party that has given funds for Prabowo-Sandi campaign, while four out of nine parties had made donations to Jokowi-Ma'ruf.

By Safrezi Fitra, 5/1/2019, 00.22 WIB

Telaah - Pertumbuhan

Economic Outlook: Government Optimism vs Global Institutions Pessimism

IMF, World Bank, global rating agencies, entrepreneurs and LPS are pessimistic about the Indonesian economic growth of 5.3 percent in 2019.

By Safrezi Fitra, 31/12/2018, 14.48 WIB

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D-Inside Archive

Bunga bank

BI's Prudent Interest Rate Policy Amid Pressure

Amid pressure on the rupiah and domestic economy, Bank Indonesia is expected to raise its benchmark interest rate following a possible increase in the US rate.

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 21/9/2018, 19.29 WIB

rupiah dolar

Difficulties Safeguarding Rupiah until Year End

Despite recent strengthening of the rupiah, the potential for weakening remains substantial until the end of the year, while the US Fed plans to raise its interest rate to make the dollar stronger.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 20/9/2018, 23.32 WIB


E-commerce Boosts Popularity of Non-Cash Transactions

Some 76 percent of consumers are using non-cash payment systems for e-commerce transactions, opening up opportunities for fintech firms to expand business coverage and markets.

By Hari Widowati, 20/9/2018, 18.48 WIB

Farmasi retail

Snowball Effect of Chronic BPJS Health Deficit

BPJS Health’s deficit is increasing. Although the government has injected bailout funds and made a series of new rules, it has not yet permanently improved its finances.

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 19/9/2018, 23.19 WIB

grafik pasar

Fast Track Top Bond Issuance for Rich Investors

Fast track for bond issuance is only valid for companies that previously had a minimum credit rating of idAA or investment grade.

By Hari Widowati, 19/9/2018, 16.51 WIB


Amazon Heating Up E-Commerce Competition in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest e-commerce market in ASEAN and the key for Amazon to win the competition with Alibaba and Tencent.

By Hari Widowati, 18/9/2018, 19.19 WIB


Good News for Banking Bonds Amid Tightening Liquidity

Bonds from Indonesian banks are deemed attractive due to high yields and solid fundamentals. Banks need to provide high returns, as there are various funding needs.

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 18/9/2018, 15.02 WIB


New Government Recipe for Collecting Taxes After Tax Amnesty

The government will utilize financial data transparency through the AEoI to increase tax revenue, targeting taxpayers who did not participate in the tax amnesty and who disclosed assets incorrectly.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 17/9/2018, 23.30 WIB


Weakening Liquidity Overshadows Alam Sutera

Moody’s estimates Alam Sutera’s liquidity is insufficient to pay US$ 235 million in bonds maturing in 2020. Financial market turmoil makes it difficult to seek external funds.

By Hari Widowati, 17/9/2018, 17.27 WIB

ipo bursa

Another Mission Behind Garudafood’s IPO

Garudafood is using an initial public offering (IPO) to convert its debt. The low number of public shares has the potential to make the company’s stock transactions not liquid.

By Hari Widowati, 14/9/2018, 18.09 WIB

direksi manajemen

Forming Prabowo-Sandiaga’s Campaign Team a Complex Task

Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno have not yet finished compiling a list of names for their campaign team, even though the KPU’s submission deadline is soon, with party cadres reluctant to join.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 14/9/2018, 16.29 WIB

Pertumbuhan macet

Stagnating Economic Growth Looms in Second Half

Indications are that economic growth will be stagnant or sluggish in the second half of this year. A survey of consumer and business confidence shows pessimism. Why?

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 14/9/2018, 10.30 WIB


Illegal Fintech Firms Invading Indonesia

The OJK, through the Investment Alert Task Force, has cracked down on 407 illegal fintech firms from Asia to America eyeing Indonesia’s large financing market.

By Hari Widowati, 13/9/2018, 18.48 WIB

rupiah dolar

Measuring Banking Resilience in Face of Rupiah Depreciation

The sharp weakening of the rupiah against the US dollar poses a risk to banking stability, but banks have enough muscle to face the challenges.

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 13/9/2018, 11.05 WIB

digital bisnis

Large Corporations Benefit from Import Tax Increase

The rise in the import tax on goods, especially consumer goods, is momentum for companies to reclaim the domestic market from the import invasion.

By Hari Widowati, 12/9/2018, 18.19 WIB

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