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Measuring the Potential of US Recession from Inverted Yield Curve

Since 1955, the inverted yield curve of US government bonds has proven to be an accurate indicator of a crisis.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 11 Desember 2018

Tol Trans Jawa

Jokowi’s Infrastructure Project and Ammunition for Elections

Jokowi ordered the completion of a number of infrastructure to be accelerated before April 2019, as one of the strategies to win the presidential election.

By Ameidyo Daud, 7 Desember 2018

Telaah - Mobil Listrik

Indonesia’s First Step to Become Electric Car Manufacturer

The legal basis for electric cars is expected to be completed this year, while electric motorcycle industry starts its production next year.

By Safrezi Fitra, 6 Desember 2018

Telaah - Karet

Expecting Infrastructure Projects to Save Rubber Farmers

Efforts to boost prices through the increase of domestic absorption have been carried out on palm commodity, but the price has not yet improved.

By Safrezi Fitra, 4 Desember 2018

Telaah - Pilpres

Electability Trends Threaten Jokowi’s Chances of Winning

Jokowi-Ma'ruf’s electability decreases. Surveys from three institutions showed the electability is still below the safe limit of 60 percent for incumbent.

By Safrezi Fitra, 1 Desember 2018

Telaah - Tata Kelola

Various Strategies from 'Regional CEOs' to Pursue Development Targets

Regional heads run various CEO-style strategies to explore regional potential and solve social problems in their regions.

By Ameidyo Daud, 30 November 2018

Telaah - BBM

Recalculating Fuel Prices amid Falling World Oil Prices

The government requested a reduction in the price of non-subsidized fuels and prepared a new price formula for premium and diesel.

By Safrezi Fitra, 28 November 2018

Telaah - Fintech Pembayaran

Benefits and Harms from the Entry of Chinese Fintech Payment Giants

The presence of two fintech giants that have dominated the Chinese market is believed to be able to accelerate fintech adoption in Indonesia.

By Desy Setyowati, 27 November 2018


Government’s Hasty Decision to Loosen Foreign Investment

The government has not reached an agreement in the discussion of an open investment list for foreigners.

By Ameidyo Daud, 26 November 2018

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Fast Track with Political Nuances for Jokowi’s New Army Chief of Staff

Andika’s fast-growing career to become a four-star general raises suspicion that political interests dominate the reason behind his promotions.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 23 November 2018

Telaah - Merpati

Waiting for Merpati to Fly Again

Merpati is free of bankruptcy threat and gets a private capital injection commitment, but there is no guarantee that the company can operate in 2019.

By Safrezi Fitra, 22 November 2018

Telaah - Fintech

Fintech Penetration to Financing: Threat or Opportunity for Banking?

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani warned that banks would face the risk of extinction if they are not able to compete with fintech firms.

By Safrezi Fitra, 19 November 2018

Telaah - Kecelakaan Pesawat

JT-610 Tragedy: Mistake Leads to Boeing and Lion Air

Colson Hicks Eidson and BartlettChen LLC filed a lawsuit against The Boeing Company to the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

By Ameidyo Daud, 16 November 2018

Rice, the staple food

Wrong Policies and Calculations Lead to Rice Price Anomaly

The government argued that the rice price anomaly occurred because many traders turned medium rice into premium rice.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 15 November 2018

Telaah - Jagung

Complexity of Agriculture Ministry’s Corn Data Creates Chain Effects

Agriculture Ministry claimed corn production has reached 28.48 million tons, meaning 12.61 million tons are still not absorbed.

By Safrezi Fitra, 14 November 2018

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BI's Prudent Interest Rate Policy Amid Pressure

Amid pressure on the rupiah and domestic economy, Bank Indonesia is expected to raise its benchmark interest rate following a possible increase in the US rate.

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 21 September 2018

rupiah dolar

Difficulties Safeguarding Rupiah until Year End

Despite recent strengthening of the rupiah, the potential for weakening remains substantial until the end of the year, while the US Fed plans to raise its interest rate to make the dollar stronger.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 20 September 2018


E-commerce Boosts Popularity of Non-Cash Transactions

Some 76 percent of consumers are using non-cash payment systems for e-commerce transactions, opening up opportunities for fintech firms to expand business coverage and markets.

By Hari Widowati, 20 September 2018

Farmasi retail

Snowball Effect of Chronic BPJS Health Deficit

BPJS Health’s deficit is increasing. Although the government has injected bailout funds and made a series of new rules, it has not yet permanently improved its finances.

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 19 September 2018

grafik pasar

Fast Track Top Bond Issuance for Rich Investors

Fast track for bond issuance is only valid for companies that previously had a minimum credit rating of idAA or investment grade.

By Hari Widowati, 19 September 2018


Amazon Heating Up E-Commerce Competition in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest e-commerce market in ASEAN and the key for Amazon to win the competition with Alibaba and Tencent.

By Hari Widowati, 18 September 2018


Good News for Banking Bonds Amid Tightening Liquidity

Bonds from Indonesian banks are deemed attractive due to high yields and solid fundamentals. Banks need to provide high returns, as there are various funding needs.

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 18 September 2018


New Government Recipe for Collecting Taxes After Tax Amnesty

The government will utilize financial data transparency through the AEoI to increase tax revenue, targeting taxpayers who did not participate in the tax amnesty and who disclosed assets incorrectly.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 17 September 2018


Weakening Liquidity Overshadows Alam Sutera

Moody’s estimates Alam Sutera’s liquidity is insufficient to pay US$ 235 million in bonds maturing in 2020. Financial market turmoil makes it difficult to seek external funds.

By Hari Widowati, 17 September 2018

ipo bursa

Another Mission Behind Garudafood’s IPO

Garudafood is using an initial public offering (IPO) to convert its debt. The low number of public shares has the potential to make the company’s stock transactions not liquid.

By Hari Widowati, 14 September 2018

direksi manajemen

Forming Prabowo-Sandiaga’s Campaign Team a Complex Task

Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno have not yet finished compiling a list of names for their campaign team, even though the KPU’s submission deadline is soon, with party cadres reluctant to join.

By Amal Ihsan Hadian, 14 September 2018

Pertumbuhan macet

Stagnating Economic Growth Looms in Second Half

Indications are that economic growth will be stagnant or sluggish in the second half of this year. A survey of consumer and business confidence shows pessimism. Why?

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 14 September 2018


Illegal Fintech Firms Invading Indonesia

The OJK, through the Investment Alert Task Force, has cracked down on 407 illegal fintech firms from Asia to America eyeing Indonesia’s large financing market.

By Hari Widowati, 13 September 2018

rupiah dolar

Measuring Banking Resilience in Face of Rupiah Depreciation

The sharp weakening of the rupiah against the US dollar poses a risk to banking stability, but banks have enough muscle to face the challenges.

By Martha Ruth Thertina, 13 September 2018

digital bisnis

Large Corporations Benefit from Import Tax Increase

The rise in the import tax on goods, especially consumer goods, is momentum for companies to reclaim the domestic market from the import invasion.

By Hari Widowati, 12 September 2018

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