Meikarta Case Leading to Corporate Crime

Writer: Safrezi Fitra

Editor: Safrezi Fitra

4/8/2019, 09.48 WIB

KPK could easily prove the existence of corporate crime in the Meikarta bribery case, according to ICW.

Arief Kamaludin|KATADATA
Meikarta Case Leading to Corporate Crime

The disclosure of the Meikarta bribery case is now leading to corporate crime. Based on the investigation from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the bribery aimed to benefit the corporation, in this case PT Lippo Cikarang.

KPK Spokesperson Febri Diansyah said the antigraft body had identified six licensing processes related to bribery practices, consisting of license to use and develop land (IPPT), principle license for domestic investment, environmental license, license to build (IMB), and Bekasi Regency’s detailed spatial planning (RDTR) bylaw.

“[But] we currently cannot conclude whether the corporation is involved or not because we have just examined 11 people,” Febri said in Jakarta on Tuesday (7/30).

KPK has named nine suspects in the bribery case. Five recipients of bribes were Bekasi Regency officials: Regent Neneng Hassanah Yasin, Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Agency Head Jamaludin, Fire Department Head Sahat MBJ Nahor, Capital Investment and One-Stop Integrated Services (DPMPTSP) Agency Head Dewi Tisnawati, and PUPR Agency’s Spatial Planning Head Neneng Rahmi.

Meanwhile, four other suspects were the bribe givers: Lippo Group Executive Billy Sindoro, consultants working for Lippo Group Taryudi and Fitra Djaja Purnama, and company employee Hendry Jasmin P Sitohang. The Bekasi Regency officials allegedly received Rp 7 billion as part of the first phase fee with a total amount of Rp 13 billion.

Meikarta Bribery Case Chronology

KPK Deputy Chairman Laode M Syarif stated that the Meikarta case stemmed from a public report, followed by investigation since November 2017. A year later, in mid-October 2018, the antigraft body conducted sting operations in Bekasi and Surabaya Regencies.

On October 14, 2018, KPK received a report that a consultant working for Lippo Group named Taryudi handed over bribes to Neneng Rahmi. The two parted ways after the handover meeting.

An hour later, the KPK team arrested Taryudi in the area of Bahama Cluster Housing in Cikarang, West Java. The team found money worth S$ 90 thousand and Rp 23 million in Taryudi's car. At the same time, another KPK team apprehended Fitra Djaja Purnama, the other consultant working for Lippo Group, at his residence in Surabaya.

On the same day, KPK arrested Jamaludin at a meetinghouse in Bekasi and Hendry Jasmin at his residence in Bekasi. The next day, the KPK team apprehended Sahat MBJ Nahor, Dewi Tisnawati, Asep Buchori, Daryanto, Kasimin, and Sukmawatty at their residences in the Bekasi area.

In the following day, KPK examined Neneng Hassanah Yasin and named her a suspect. The antigraft body then conducted a search in 10 locations, including Neneng’s residence and office, Bekasi Regency’s DPMPTSP office, Billy Sindoro’s residence, and Matahari Tower Building in Tangerang.

The nine suspects went on trial at Bandung Corruption Court (Tipikor). In March 2019, the court judge named four people from Lippo - Billy Sindoro, Hendry Jasmin P Sitohang, Taryadi and Fitra Djaja Purnama - guilty of making bribes to smooth the permit for Meikarta project.

(See Meikarta bribery case infographic here)

Billy was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison and required to pay a fine of Rp 100 million, lower than prosecutors’ demands of five years in prison and a Rp 200 million fine. Hendri Jasmin was sentenced to three years in prison and fined Rp 50 million, while Fitra and Taryudi were sentenced to 1.5 years and fined Rp 50 million. Unsatisfied with the judge’s decision, Billy Sindoro’s attorney and the prosecutor from KPK made appeals.

Two months after Billy’s verdict, the Bandung Corruption Court Judge stated that Neneng Hassanah was proven to have received a bribe of Rp 10.63 billion and S$ 90 thousand for the Meikarta project licensing. Neneng was sentenced to six years in prison and fined Rp 250 million.

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