PB Djarum’s Dilemma in Finding New Talents for Badminton

Penulis: Safrezi Fitra

Editor: Safrezi Fitra

12/9/2019, 19.39 WIB

The search for prospective badminton athletes performed by PB Djarum is deemed to have violated the existing regulation and exploited children.

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However, Djarum Foundation argued that the logo is a sports club logo. “KPAI is always concerned about cigarette products, even though the Djarum Foundation is not a cigarette product,” Yoppy said, as quoted by Kompas.com, Monday (9/9). According to him, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) had never questioned their existence. Djarum Foundation billboards still appear in the arena during the Indonesia Open, even though the Djarum brand is no longer a major sponsor since 2014.

Regarding KPAI's allegations, the Djarum Foundation has changed the name of their event to General Auditions, by not including Djarum's emblem. The shirts with Djarum’s logo were not given to the audition participants. However, PB Djarum cannot guarantee that the participants will not buy shirts bearing the Djarum Badminton club logo from elsewhere, such as online stores. According to Yoppy, most of the participants said they are proud to wear the shirts.

The problem is that the KPAI continued to refuse and demand that there are no Djarum brands in any form in the event. They even discussed the matter with the Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Wiranto as the PBSI Chairman. However, this problem cannot be resolved because the KPAI refers to the law. It also said that there is no tolerance for this matter.

KPAI held meetings with several ministries, including Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry, Youth and Sports Ministry, Health Ministry, and Coordinating Human Development and Culture Ministry. The goal is to urge the cessation of the use of cigarette product logos in PB Djarum’s auditions.

The Women Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Yohana Susana Yembise supported the KPAI. She said the auditions for badminton scholarship by the cigarette industry violated the regulations. He refers to the Child Protection Law and Health Law. “Sponsorship, including in the field of sports, must comply with the existing law. It is a positive law made nationally,” she said as quoted by Antara.

In mid-August, the KPAI coordinated with the municipal and regencial governments where the PB Djarum’s auditions took place to review the granting of permits for these activities. KPAI does not prohibit the selection of badminton scholarships from Djarum as long as the logos and cigarette brands are not used.


PB Djarum has asked permission to continue this year's auditions but decided not to hold similar activities next year. It does not want to be seen as violating the rules. It is a temporary suspension. “Until there is room for Djarum to move. We will continue if we are given room to move. If not, the general audition will stop,” Yoppy said.

He stressed that PB Djarum only stopped the general audition activities. Meanwhile, coaching for athletes will continue to run. Currently, 180 badminton athletes are being coached by PB Djarum.

To avoid this polemic from protracting, the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) Chief Erick Thohir said he would look for a win-win solution. On the one hand, KPAI wants to protect children. But on the other hand, Indonesian sports are still very dependent on the role of the business community in terms of achievement and efforts to help find new talent to become an athlete.

“KPAI and PB Djarum are two institutions that are equally needed for the Indonesian people. Therefore, I want the two parties to sit together to find the best solution for our nation, especially our sports,” he said on Sunday (9/8). Moreover, badminton is the only sport that contributed a gold medal for Indonesia in the Olympics.

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