From today (19/7), it might be possible to monitor the number of taxpayers who have signed up for the tax amnesty and the value of their assets.
Gedung Direktorat Jenderal Pajak
Arief Kamaludin | KATADATA

The government’s tax amnesty began on Monday (18/7) this week. The Directorate General of Tax at the Ministry of Finance claimed there had been a flood of interest from taxpayers in the policy, which was passed by the House of Representatives at the end of last month.

One indicator of this interest was the 2,700 people who turned up at an information event to about the policy attended by President Widodo in Surabaya on Friday, swamping the 2,000-capacity venue.

“He (the President) invited 2,000 and 2,700 turned up. There were even some outside (the building),” the Director General of Tax Ken Dwijugiasteadi said at a press conference on the tax amnesty in Jakarta, Monday (18/7).

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He added that on Monday, the first day of the tax amnesty, several taxpayers had registered at local tax offices. Unfortunately, Ken had been unable to monitor the exact number of taxpayers who had signed up.

From today (19/7), it might be possible to monitor the number of taxpayers who have signed up for the tax amnesty and the value of their assets. In fact, the public should have access to monthly updates on the value of these assets via the directorate general’s website.

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At the press conference, the Head of Mekar Satria Utama Tax Office said that on Monday two taxpayers had consulted with his office about signing up for the tax amnesty. This indicates just how interested people are in taking part in the scheme.

Head of the Jakarta Special Tax Office Muhammad Haniv added that five taxpayers had made inquiries at his office, and that was just in Kalibata, South Jakarta.

A high level of interest in the tax amnesty was also reported by Head of the South Jakarta I Tax Office Sakli Anggoro. “Taxpayers examined today (Monday) said they wanted to take part in the tax amnesty,” he said.

Unfortunately, the Regulation of the Minister of Finance, as a derivative of the Tax Amnesty Law has yet to be issued, even though these technical provisions are needed to provide clear guidance on the implementation of this program.

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The Director General of Budget Financing and Risk Management at the Ministry of Finance Robert Pakpahan said that three ministerial regulations are currently with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. He was confident that all three would be enacted within the next couple of days.

Robert added that his department was reviewing one of the regulations, on the procedure for transferring taxpayers’ assets to Indonesia, including the placement of these funds in financial market investment instruments. These investment instruments may include the opportunity to invest directly in the real sector.