If an organisation is unable to perform its duties, it should be fixed. The same goes for a person within an organisation who cannot perform. That person should be transferred or replaced.
Arief Kamaludin | Katadata

Acting Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan has admitted he has decided to dissolve some adhoc working units and task forces established by former EMR Minister Sudirman Said to ensure the ministry’s organisational structure runs smoothly and to avoid future problems.

Luhut did not want these working units to cause problems. “I just want to keep it simple. I don’t want there to be any problems when the audit comes round,” he said at the EMR Ministry’s offices in Jakarta on Wednesday (24/8). (Read: Acting Energy Minister Accelerates 32 Postponed Programs)

Luhut said the ministry should function according to its existing structure. This means it is not necessary to establish temporary organisation or units, such as adhoc working units.

If an organisation is unable to perform its duties, he added, it should be fixed. The same goes for a person within an organisation who cannot perform. That person should be transferred or replaced. The solution is not to form a new adhoc unit. Also, new working units just add to the ministry’s expenses. “No additional organisations. Additional organisations mean additional costs,” he said.

Although Luhut does not know exactly which units he plans to disband because talks are still underway, he confirmed that after these units are dissolved, their functions and duties would be handed back to their original place in the ministry’s organisational structure.

Katadata received information that Luhut shared his plan to dissolve these working units during a meeting at the EMR Ministry offices in Jakarta on Tuesday (23/8) evening. The ministry’s Secretary General and Inspector General Teguh Pamudji chaired the meeting, which started at 2 p.m. local time. All adhoc working units attended this meeting.

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Teguh said that although Luhut is only an acting Energy Minister, he still has the authority to disband these units.“The Presidential Decree concerning the acting EMR Minister says that the interim (EMR minister) has all of the duties authorities and responsibilities of the EMR Minister,” he said at the ministry building in Jakarta, Wednesday (24/8).

Teguh explained Sudirman first formed adhoc units when he took on the position as Energy Minister in October 2014 by issuing a decree to accelerate and support the ministry’s structural duties and function. One of these working units was the Unit for Performance Control (UPK). Unlike Sudirman, however, Luhut believes existing organisations should expand their duties and functions.

Teguh said the adhoc units were legally dissolved (de facto) on Tuesday night. However, their de jure dissolution, which requires the EMR Minister to officially sign this decision, has not been done. “The decree might be issued this week,” said Teguh.

During the meeting yesterday, Teguh said these adhoc units performed well against the targets set by the ministry. These units were also extremely useful because if a structural unit had taken on their tasks, the EMR Ministry would have been hampered by various problems, such as time and human resources.

Therefore, Teguh concluded that the adhoc units had been functioning quite effectively. “Many managed to avoid problems. The contribution made by Nur Pamudji to the UP3KN (Electrification Development Program Implementing Unit) was quite significant,” he said.

However, Teguh rebuffed allegations that the units were being dissolved due to budget considerations because the remuneration for those working in the units had already been budgeted for within the existing team. Also, not all working units and task forces will be disbanded. “We will execute the acting EMR Ministry’s instruction by taking note of their achievements.” (Read: Reshuffle of EMR Ministry Officials Under Arcandra)

The Bright Indonesia program’s task force might not be dismissed and could still be working closely with the Directorate General of Electricity because it will help to realise President Joko Widodo’s desire to build a centre of excellence and 100 techno parks in Bali.

The Energy Patriot task force will also remain because funds have already been allocated in the state budget. This unit will take over control of the new and renewable energy sector. “So that will remain for six months,” Teguh said.