Tax DG Fixes Wealthy Taxpayers as Tax Amnesty Target

Oleh Ameidyo Daud 31 Agustus 2016

"We will ask them every day 'Are you signing up or not?'"

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Arief Kamaludin | Katadata

The Finance Ministry's Tax Directorate General is preparing a number of specific steps for the tax amnesty implementation. These steps are expected to get as many wealthy taxpayers as possible to participate in the scheme.

Tax Director General Ken Dwijugeasteadi said one step is compiling a list of every taxpayer with large assets. The list will be compiled using information taken from tax offices across Indonesia.

The director general will then establish a task force to monitor the development of the tax amnesty scheme on a daily basis, and contact every individual on that list. (Read: Darmin: Tax Amnesty is for People with Lots of Money and Wealth)

This is the director general’s way of ensuring that the rich sign up to the tax amnesty scheme. "We will ask them every day 'Are you signing up or not?'" he said at a press conference in Jakarta, Tuesday, (30/8).

If taxpayers are reluctant to participate, the task force will ask them why, and give them the information needed to eliminate those doubts. Taxpayers who are in the process of signing up for the scheme can also consult about their problems and complaints concerning to tax and tax amnesty related issues.

If taxpayers think their answers are unanswered by the task force, Ken said they can contact him directly via his WhatsApp number 081310503647.(Read: Widodo Opens Tax Amnesty Complaint Hotline to Prevent Blackmail)

"The point is, we will urge taxpayers to make use of the tax amnesty program as soon as possible," he said.

In anticipation of the predicted large volume of funds to be repatriated in September, the director general is increasing the operating hours of its tax offices (KPP). Ken said all offices will be open seven days a week.

On Saturdays, the tax offices will open for six hours from 08.00 to 14.00. On Sundays, the offices will open from 08.00 to 12.00.

He also has assigned the directorate’s central and regional offices to accept tax returns (SPTs) and reports, allowing taxpayers to submit their tax amnesty letters of declaration and tax returns at any tax office.

"So, taxpayers in Surabaya can file their tax returns in Jakarta or other cities," he said. (Read: Tax DG Issues Additional Rules for Tax Amnesty Implementation)

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